Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Weeks 4 & 5

Thanks to food poisoning Week 4 wasn't very productive. I came down with the infection Wednesday evening and spent Thursday and Friday in bed. I was very fortunate to be living at a guest house with such kind people who looked after me, including my French neighbor, the landlady and her staff, and the German doctor who is doing volunteer work at a nearby clinic and living just one floor above me.

Saturday I went in to school but found it empty except for the resident students. Turns out the Tibetans like Hindu holidays as well as their own and the school was closed for Holi.

So, here today is a look at what I've been doing early this week, drawing the three jewels, kind of the Buddhist trinity, in this case a symbolic representation of Buddha (the person and teacher), darhma (the teachings), and sangha (the community).



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