Sunday, June 10, 2007


Yesterday evening I visited Myokoji, a Soto Zen temple in Yoshizuka, just south of Hakata station, that holds open zazen every Saturday. I got there last night just 5 minutes before the first bell and so didn’t have time to really meet and talk with anyone nor take a head count, but it appeared there were perhaps ten lay people and a half dozen monks. I overheard one of them remark that there were an unusually large number of visitors.

There was no lecture or teaching. Zazen lasted 90 minutes. As I didn’t look at my watch I’m not sure of the actual timings, but there were two sitting sessions with what seemed like 15 minutes of walking zazen in between.
Substantially, the meditation I did last night was no different than what I do at home each morning and evening. But it was reassuring to sit with others, to share in the effort, even if the effort has to be made alone. Their presence made it possible to sit for more than twice the time I normally do. The additional hour left me physically tired. My legs were killing me. But afterwards I felt more centered than I have in a while.
Mutsumi and I were planning to go together. Unfortunately that didn't happen yesterday, but perhaps the week after next. This coming Saturday is already spoken for.


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