Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Flying high over Bodhgaya

Just a few hours ago I emerged back into the world after 10 days of silence. Thankfully, I emerged here in Bodhgaya, a sleepy rural town of very little consequence except to Buddhists. No trains, one road, two ATMs. The biggest buildings are temples, most of the businesses cater to tourists, and most of the tourists are not here to party.

The 10 day retreat was arduous but enlightening, one of the best 10 days I've spent in recent memory. I haven't become an enlightened being, but I feel I'm not the same person who left Kathmandu in November. It is not easy to describe and since I don't have a lot of time to write, it will have to wait for later to me to say what happened and how I feel. For those that might be interested in reading more about what I was involved with, have a look here: If you ever thought about joining a course, but had reservations about the effectiveness of the technique, put those doubts aside.

This morning I'm running around doing a little shopping for necessities. I'll be taking another 10 day vow of silence beginning this afternoon, this time to study Tibetan Buddhism.

All my very best wishes for a happy holiday season. See you again in 10 days.



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