Saturday, January 19, 2008

Where did I go?

It's been a great week for drawing and painting. As I mentioned in a post below, the upper classmen began their 45-day exam last Saturday, which means that we lower classmen are without our regular teacher. It also means we're not being introduced to anything new, just finishing up uncompleted stuff and practicing for our exams.

So I've been holed up in my room this week practicing. I've managed to draw a complete Buddha every morning and do a good bit of painting in the afternoons. One example is here, some fish that I penciled some months ago.

I enjoy working with my classmates, but I have quite honestly been more productive on my own. What has been encouraging is finding myself losing track of time, something that hasn't happened while drawing for nearly 20 years. There has been times at school where time passed quickly, but not this kind of absence of self. I start working and next time I check its three hours later. Absolutely delicious.



  1. Hello, Jeff. How are you doing?? I'm afraid that you doesn't remember me...coz I haven't seen you so long. My name is Aya Tamaki(from SAGA!!)and I'm a student in Seinan Gakuin university and you teach me English in Speaking and Writing class.It was so fun!!
    I knew you went to Nepal, but still now are you in Nepal?

  2. Wow, that fish illustration is gorgeous!

  3. Hi Jeff, Aya & Matt,

    Indeed, that drawing is wonderful. Sounds like you are really getting into a creative state of flow. I'm quite envious. Gorgeous photos here! We just finished our classes, now on to grading. Maybe I'll even pick up a pen over the winter break. Great work you are doing, Jeff.


  4. Jeff-dai and Mutsumi-didi,
    Hope you are having wonderful days together:-D

  5. Dear Jeff,
    Beautiful paintings and pics too. Please let me know if I can help you about Bhutan. I am going there in March :-)
    Enjoy! Kind regards and hugs from Denmark-marie

  6. What a surprise to find so many complimentary comments from old and new friends. Thank you all for taking the time to write.

    Aya! Of course I remember you - the smallest girl in the class with the biggest smile. I'm still here in Nepal, returning to Japan in April. Maybe we can meet someday at Seinan for lunch.

    Matt - Thanks so much for continuing to dig my blog. Where is yours?

    Chris - You're a pretty fair artist yourself. How about posting some mp3's of your country band?

    Keiko - Our reunion was almost everything we hoped, but for a meddling cold virus. When will you being returning to the valley? The first dal-baht is on me.

    Marie - So good to hear from you. So far getting information from the govt about studying in Bhutan has been similar to my experience in Kuwait (about which Chris could tell you more). Replies are slow in coming, information is delivered one piece at a time, and each person passes the responsibility to the next. I'll contact you by email for more. Thanks for checking the blog!

  7. I saw the real painting last week when I visited Jeff and it was absolutely beautiful.

    So impressive that I'm very pround my husband!!

    He can be a good painter!! Gambare, Jeff!!


  8. Oops. Sorry for the typo.

    It should have been....

    So impressive that I'm very proud of my husband!!