Monday, March 10, 2008

Tibetan Independence Day

The Tibetans began gathering at the monastery at around 08:00 this morning. Following prayers and a few speeches, the crowd made it's way around the stupa and then attempted to move out onto the main street. The police tried to prevent them but were overpowered. After we got into the street the police tried forming a running blockade that was breached three times. By the fourth attempt they had reinforcements that charged the demonstrators. Details and photos are in the following links.

I was standing with the Tibetans, including several of my classmates, when the police charged. And suddenly I found myself behind police lines with rocks and bricks raining down around me. I was standing under a bus stop shelter and didn't get hit - by rocks or the police.

Here in Nepal we have demonstrations that shut down highways and cut off the supply of petrol and the police do nothing. But if Tibetans want to march peacefully to the Chinese embassy, the government sends in the troops to baton women and monks.

What a way to end this visit to Nepal.

# Tibetans clash with police; scores arrested

BBC: Nepal police break up Tibet protest

Rompres Photos



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