Sunday, April 6, 2008


It seems I passed my first year art school exams.

Results were supposed to have been posted 19 March, after I had already returned to Japan, but I never heard from anyone. I even emailed the school office address to ask (though to be fair they were having some computer problems before I left and perhaps never recovered).

I know everyone was probably eager to leave on vacation once results were published and perhaps I was forgotten in the excitement.

Today, though, we got a message from Tsering, one of my classmates, who wrote:

"I passed in class also Jeff , he is better then me I think. He is 5th position or 4 th position, something like that."

While she may have remembered incorrectly about my rank, that I passed I feel pretty certain is an accurate recollection. And it couldn't have come at a better time. I'm off tomorrow on a new adventure. Have a peek at my companion blog for more:



  1. Hello. my name is Rhasala.
    I sometimes see your blog with my interest.You often visit very nice places.
    I have some question aboutTsering school.Tsering school has a long vacation? When does the class open from? How can I enrol the school?I am interested in Tsering school or the other school to learn Thangka painting.but I don't have information. If posssible,could you tell me about the
    schedule or vacation of the school.

  2. Hi, Rhasala. I can`t tell you the exact dates, but the vacation is approximately two months in the spring, usually April & May. If you need more specific information, you might like to contact Ros'Ana directly by email. The school has a new website, by the way, and you can find the contact information there. Hope to see you at Tsering!


  3. Thank you very much for your reply.
    I haven't known the new website.
    I've seen it and I've tried to send a e-mail.
    Do you know it is possible to enter Tsering halfway?[ I am going to visit Nepal in June or July.If the class will start soon before June or July,I wonder whether the school admit to enrol or not?]
    By the way I 've seen your photos in Ohenro.water,air that's very beautiful and pure.Though I cannot read English very well,I try to read.
    Thank you.

  4. Hello Jeff. This is Aya, a small girl with the biggest smile!:-) Do you remember me?
    How have you been? I thought you would come back to Fukuoka. Where are you now?


  5. I'm in Takamastu right now. I'm a henro. You can see my henro blog here:

    I'll be back in Fukuoka mid-May. Send me an email ( and let's make plans for lunch.