Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just call me Graybeard

This past Sunday I went to a Salsa festival that was to everyone's great regret rained out. While we attendees were huddled under a shelter waiting for the rain to end (and the festivities to restart), a young Japanese man noted that I was a cool-looking old guy. He wished Japanese old guys were as cool, but, hey, look around here, he said waving his arm over the group. There aren't even any old Japanese guys here.

Then two days ago I was chatting with a Canadian guy I met through the internet. Something he said reminded me of the Czech Brothers. Which brothers, he asked? So I sent him a youtube link to one of the Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd sketches from the 70's. Man, the Canadian guy said once he'd had a look at the video, you are old.

It seems not only has youth passed me by, so has middle age.



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