Monday, March 16, 2009

Sign of the Dhamma

Captured this afternoon on the Chikagai, one of the city's shopping districts. In the 10 minutes I shot this monk, I saw no one put anything in his bowl. When I dropped in 500yen, I saw he had only 100yen. A couple of hours later when I rode by on my bicycle, I saw a middle aged woman drop a coin in his bowl as she passed.



  1. Did you read what's written on his bag? It looks like there is some white writing there at the bottom of the bag. If it says "Tommy Hilfinger" it probably means he's not a monk.

    In other news, the goofy fashion show to the monk's right makes me miss Japan more than a little. Gotta love the shoes on that girl. :-P

  2. Great shot of the monk! I like how the monk wears jeans that are too big for him. Opps, wait thats not the monk. No wait, they are both Monks visting the mighty temple of Consumerism.

  3. Thanks, Gensei. I've added a close-up of his bag, the best looking shot I could find of his team name. But still, even Mutsumi isn't sure of the kanji: 平昌寺 ? 千昌寺 ?

  4. If you're really committed to finding out, try looking through some sort of directory of temples in the area and see if you can find a reasonable match on the kanji. If I was there I would do it for you, cause I'm a huge nerd.

    P.S. Waiting for your approval (of my comments) is pure agony. hahaha