Monday, June 8, 2009

Thanks for the music

We closed CDJam today, almost four years since we started in the late summer of 2005. Sales were always a steady dribble, enough to pay the cyber rent. A few artists recovered their start-up fees and made a small amount of money. For ourselves, I think we about covered our costs.

It was fun while it lasted. It gave us a chance to meet many wonderful people, Japanese customers and overseas artists alike.

And it really wouldn't have happened without Mutsumi, who did an incredible job writing and translating the CD descriptions, doing radio promotions, and managing the orders and accounting. Otsukaresama, Mu-chan.

We are now beginning the task of contacting each of the artists, paying royalties, returning CDs, and disposing of unclaimed inventory, the boring, tedious side of business.



  1. I just want to say thanks to you and Mutsumi-san for stocking my cd at CDJam. Even though mine was probably the only rock album on the site, I did manage to sell a few.

  2. I'm surprised you found me here, Mike. It was our pleasure to work with you. We're sorry things didn't turn out better, but its been tough for music retailers everywhere. We look forward to seeing you on tour in the UAE!