Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And then a rainbow


This morning I took my coffee on the veranda and watched the dark clouds roll over. The cicadas were chirping. A crane flew past, angling toward the river. A man came out to the park with his Shiba for the morning fag and constitutional.

I was feeling a bit melancholy. Twelve years of my life in this city, in this apartment, and looking out at this view. One quarter of my life. And after Friday, I won't be looking at it ever again.

And then I noticed, just over to the north, a small hint of a rainbow.

Ten minutes later and it was pouring down rain.

My bags are packed. I shipped the biggest one to the airport Monday. I also posted my last 30kg box of stuff to RAK, the last one to go.

All that remains is to get on the airplane Friday.



  1. Well Bud, it certainly won't be the same here without you. I know we will miss you so very much.

    I guess life is turning a corner for you in many ways... but if you turn the corner a couple more times, you end up back where you started.

    I know it isn't good-bye, but more like a "see ya soon" kinda thing; still, we won't be traveling in overlapping circles any longer, and it is difficult to imagine what life will be here without your presence.

    May God watch over you Jeff.

    Love and prayers,
    Randy and Wakako, Grace & Joy

  2. It seems I've made a 180 degree turn. If you remember, I arrived in Fukuoka from Kuwait.

    I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again before too long. Keep the sofa clean. I may need some place to sleep on my next visit to Fukuoka.