Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nepal isn't easy 2

This past week the political problem in the south was settled, at least enough so for the demonstrators to open their blockades and thereby ending Kathmandu's week-long petrol shortage. Electricity is still in short supply, and a water shortage is still looming.

This week's problem is garbage piling up in the streets as a result of a blockade by nearby residents of the city's landfill. Apparently these people have been pressing the government for some years to properly manage the area, but their patience seems to have come to an end.

Garbage disposal here seems very rudimentary and consists of people throwing their bagged and sometimes unbagged refuse into the street. I came home late one night which happened to be garbage night and there seemed to be a larger number of stray dogs than usual prowling the area, no doubt enjoying the feast set before them on the streets. It was in fact a bit frightening seeing so many stray dogs and being one of only a few humans on the street.



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