Thursday, February 15, 2007


For the woman in the neighboring room at my guest house, it was a wonderful day. She decided to stay home and enjoyed the rain and snow from the comfort of her room.

Me, I was out in it starting at 7:30am. The landlady let me borrow an umbrella, so getting to school wasn't much of a problem, but by the time we let out for lunch the rain had gotten harder and the roads were small creeks of mud. I went out to eat with our newest student, a young American woman, an art teacher by profession who arrived in Kathmandu only a few days ago from meditation retreat in Burma. Lizzie and I celebrated Valentine's Day with chocolate cake, brownies, and coffee and at the New Orleans Cafe.

Most homes and businesses don't have heating and our school is no different, so it was rather chilly afternoon after we got back with wet feet and pant bottoms. There wasn't much hot water left at the guest house, so I had to settle for a sponge bath, hot tea and extra blankets to get warm.

Life here helps you appreciate very small pleasures.



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