Sunday, August 19, 2007

Carolyn & Harvey's 50th Anniversary

Mizuho, Tokiko, Mutusmi and I arrived home yesterday evening following two uneventful flights from Atlanta to Seoul to Fukuoka. I can't say Mutsumi and I feel rested yet, but as we don't have any pressing engagements, we're free to get caught up at our own pace. Mizuho and Tokiko are still here in Fukuoka and spent the night at a hotel. We'll be seeing them this evening for a farewell dinner.

Our visit to the US this year was the best ever and I think most everyone wished we could have had a few more days together. Perhaps because we were so busy and the time passed so quickly. But perhaps even more so because we had a chance to speak more openly than we're used to, to talk about things we don't often talk about, and therefore to connect more deeply and meaningfully.

Besides the typical reminiscing that goes on during family get togethers, there was also a dinner celebrating my parents' 50th wedding anniversary at which many of us shared with Carolyn and Harvey what their lives have meant to us, a wonderful, weepy evening more memorable for what was said than for what was served. That was preceded by a ceremony on the beach at which the celebrants renewed their vows, a lovely affirmation of 50 years of trust, faith, and love.

There were also more sober discussions in Atlanta about wills and advance medical directives, discussions on mortality that helped us appreciate simply being together and the time that we have now.

It's a visit we'll always remember and I'll have more to share in the days to come. Stay tuned.



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