Thursday, August 30, 2007

Old friends

One of the pleasures of going home is seeing friends you've known for years. Visiting with them is like putting on your favorite flannel shirt, the one you've been keeping because you've haven't found another that fits and feels just like it.

Pictured here are three. On the left are Krit and Knot, who most recently finished advanced degrees in the US, Krit in photography, Knot an MBA. Mutsumi had the great fortune to meet Krit's sister back in the early 90's when we were briefly residing in Bangkok and since then we've gotten to know the whole family. They've visited with us in Japan, we've traveled together in Hong Kong, and we've met them in Thailand more times than I can now remember. I'll be stopping in Bangkok this weekend on my way to Nepal and plan to meet up with sister Peung.

Between us is Rebeca, a long time Atlanta resident who gave me a job at Kinko's while I was studying at Georgia State University. Rebeca is the big sister I never had, the one who looked out for me and encouraged me in so many ways. She suggested I visit one of the other Kinko stores to learn how to use a new machine being introduced in the mid-80's, machines that could be used to create simple graphic designs that would feed into Kinko's copy business. That was my introduction to the Apple MacIntosh and personal computers.

The photo here was taken (by Krit) in front of the Atlanta High Museum, where we spent the afternoon taking in the Annie Leibowtiz exhibit (which we can recommend if it ever comes to a city near you.)



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