Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bangkok 1

Waiting to board my airplane to Bangkok yesterday I met a former student off to Cambodia to do some volunteer work at an elementary school. We didn't sit together on the plane, but we did share a taxi in to the city.

Mekong river

Took about an hour to reach my hotel, a lovely place I'd recommend to anyone making the trip here. Only problem I've had thus far is that I'm now locked in the hotel (not my room, but the hotel itself) and can't find anyone to let me out.

After checking in and leaving my bags, I went to meet Peung for dinner. She brought along her old school chum, Dah, and we had a lovely dinner riverside just south of the Rama VII Bridge, followed by live jazz at a small club nearby run by another of Peung's friends.

This morning, as soon as I can get out, I'm hoping to do a few temples in the area.


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