Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tara (and slate pain)

Some days I really hate drawing on slate.

That was so on Monday morning, my first full-day back at school since arriving in Nepal. This week I've been working on Tara and was on Monday having a horrible time of it. You can't keep your hand pressed as closely to the drawing surface and as the slate is slippery drawing requires a much steadier hand. While it is technically possible to erase, if you do it more than twice it turns into an ugly mess. The slate is so unforgiving.

I was feeling better - and better rested - on Tuesday and by Wednesday I was making friends again with my slate drawing board. Still, drawing on paper is so less stressful. My painting assignment for the next week or two is to finish my set of auspicious symbols. One of my classmates insisted that as a second year student I should be working on canvas, but I'm quite happy to have the chance to warm-up on paper.

School is off again for the Dashain holidays from tomorrow and I hope to spend most of mine staying close to home, reading, writing, and painting.



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