Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Thangka: Day 5

Didn't do a bit of work on the thangka Friday as the second year students had a measurement class. We were learning the proper proportions for drawing the head of Dorma, otherwise known as Green Tara.

We did, though, have a small tea party, offered by me to all of my classmates and teachers to mark the beginning of my first thangka. Normally we work straight through the morning sesssion from about 08:30 to 11:15 without a break, but we took 30 minutes off for some hot tea and biscuits, a nice respite on a cold morning.

The event was kindly organized by one of our monks, so that all I had to do was pay the bill and show up. I didn't even have to make a speech. The party was announced at the end of morning prayers (during which time the teacher also announced - for the benefit of the many students who don't have much money - that such offerings are not mandatory).


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