Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Thangka: Days 12 - 18

Since my last post I've had seven days of mostly solid painting with only Friday afternoon off to visit the American Embassy (to have additional pages inserted, thanks to all the Nepali and Indian visas that take up one complete passport page each).

The sky in the end took 7 days to finish, and it didn't feel so much like I had finished as I had simply run out of ways to improve. I showed it to the teacher, who said “that may be enough.” And so I started work on the ground on Day 16. The green in the photos is darker than usually painted in our school's tradition, but I needed it that dark to cover up pencil marks I was unable to completely erase.

The photos were taken yesterday in my room at the Dragon Guest House, where I spent most the day painting, and where I'll spend most of today doing the same.

After today only 30 days remaining.


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  1. Well Jeff, It is certainly shaping up nicely! I look forward to seeing more pix as you progress.
    Sure is lonely here without you, but I am sure you are enjoying yourself, and that is more important than my selfish desires! lol...
    Looking forward to hearing form you cuz....