Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Kathmandu affirmation

Since I arrived in Kathmandu I haven't quite felt in the groove, like I did back in February and March. And it occurred to me yesterday that the reason I've felt out of sorts is that I've been resisting Kathmandu. I've been fighting the trash, the dust, the muddy streets, the noise, the odor, the beggars – I've been fighting it all. That's why I've mostly gone only to school and spent the rest of my time in my room. If I'm going to be here six months, that attitude just won't do. I realized this morning that I have not, contrary to my vow, been open to reality. But that's what I need to do. To let go and accept KTM for the beautiful stinking, chaotic, filthy mess it is. Because there really is no place quite like it, despite all the shortcomings.

So, I need to affirm here: I love you, Kathmandu, just the way you are.


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