Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weekend at Pullahari

I spent the last weekend of October in the hills behind Boudha, hiking, reading and meditating. It was a glorious fall weekend, with clear skies, mild temperatures, and gentle winds. The forests in the area are mostly pine and so the principal color was green.

I hiked up to Pullahari Monastery, which to my eye has the most beautiful temple in Nepal, made possible by a one million dollar donation from an American Buddhist nun. Apparently, that sum was enough to cover basic construction costs. I heard no cost estimate on the interiors and finishing work, but it must have been near one million itself. I have some photos of the interiors and the paintings and I'll share them this week, as time permits.

For now, here are a few shots of the exterior. This first was taken from the road leading up to the monastery. I hiked up from my guest house, a little over an hour of not terribly strenuous walking.

From a hill on the opposite side, you can in the bottom left quadrant see the guest houses.

From my room in one of those buildings, I had this view of the valley.

And after dark, the courtyard and softly lit temple form one half of an amazing landscape featuring the Kathmandu skyline. The monks here were practicing debate for a tournament taking place next week in Varanasi, India.



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