Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Last night I was sitting in my room after a day running around town to get my visa renewed. I'm good now for another 30 days. Since I was taking care of that little bit of business, I didn't go to school and my hand was feeling a bit lonely – no pencil or brushes in two days. So I took out my sketch pad and to my great surprise drew a decent Buddha head – bam! - just like that. Normally it takes me an hour to do one of these, but that's because I'm laboring to make everything perfect, or at least as perfect as I can make it. And here I did it in 5 minutes. This one is of course not nearly as good as those I spend so much time on, but still it's not too shabby. It seems all those repetitions, drawing stuff over and over again, have trained my hand and eye. I'm amazed at what has happened! It's like I've grown another finger, or can suddenly speak another language.


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