Sunday, January 4, 2009

The road to Kathmandu is neither straight nor smooth

It seems there's always a complication in returning to Kathmandu overland.

Many years ago on my first visit when returning from Pokhara the bus blew a tire just on the backside of the mountain facing the valley. Last year when making the trip from Lumbini demonstrators blocked the road demanding compensation for a slain family member and delaying our bus by six hours. Yesterday we had just crossed the mountains into the valley when traffic came to a stop. Just meters down the road a pedestrian had been fatally struck by an automobile. The police were on the scene but were entirely ineffective in getting traffic moving. After sitting on the bus for 30 minutes, most of us decided to walk to the other side of the accident and find alternate transport. We hiked about 15 minutes before finding a minibus into which we were pushed and jammed and squeezed to such a degree that it was impossible to make any movement outside of turning your neck or wiggling your fingers and toes. Fortunately, it was only 10 minutes to the bus park and a taxi home to the Dragon Guest House.

It's good to be back in Nepal.


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  1. DAIHO-SAN!!!

    I really like your pictures.

    I have a blog now

    As always, you're an inspiration to me. Leading the way...

    So, I'm getting all Buddhad up in about 2 weeks. Isn't that exciting?
    Sho-en is coming down for it.

    Ok... this is long enough to have been an e-mail now. Talk to you later.