Saturday, January 17, 2009

So easy to fool

Each day after class all the students gather for prayers. Sometimes I chant along, but this morning I chose to sit with my eyes closed, listen to the voices around me, and focus on my breath.

There was a tickle on one of the fingers of my right hand. A fly. I wiggled my finger and it flew away. A minute later it was back. Wiggled again. Flew away. The third time I was irritated, opened my eyes, and found it wasn't a fly after all. The young girl sitting in front of me was rocking back and just a strand or two of her long hair was touching my finger. I closed my eyes. Her hair touched my finger and my initial reaction was - ahh, that's nice.

How foolish the mind. The feeling was irritating when I thought it was a fly, pleasant when connected with a pretty girl.

So easy to fool.



  1. Beautiful. No less!!

  2. Fortunately, is more like it. If she had been ugly the irritation may have likely continued. :(