Thursday, October 25, 2007


This past Saturday evening Sandip and I had the pleasure - or perhaps I should say I had the pleasure; I'm not so sure about Sandip - of meeting a Baul, who performed for a small group of tourists at the Vajra Hotel.

The Bauls are the Hindu equivalent of the Sufis, itinerant mystics who sing and dance in praise to the mystery of life. As I had never heard of them, let alone heard one sing, it was quite an informative evening. The woman accompanying him on percussion is the Baul's disciple, a Swedish national who has been studying the form for 10 years, and who has created a small web site with more information about the Baul's and Binod Das Baul, including video performances.


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  1. Namaste Jeff-san,
    I met Mutsumi-didi last night and came to know that you were writing a blog. Reading it today, I felt like I was also back in Kathmandu. Even seeing a linoleum floor and lace work covers for a couch brought me back to my days in Nepal.
    Also, it was nice to see the pictures of Carolyn and Harvey. I am very happy that they are fine and had a wonderful anniversary with all your family.
    I think it is getting colder in Nepal, and I know it is freezing cold not just outside but inside of a house - maybe colder inside:) Please take care, and all the best for your thangka work!